Dvara Money, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dvara Trust, aims to provide a comprehensive wealth management service to those newly equipped with a bank account. Through a digital platform that facilitates the distribution of financial products by leveraging technology and deep customer insights, it aims to deliver focused and suitable solutions to its customers. It works towards reducing complexity and offer customers curated, contextual and high-quality financial products that customers can choose from.

Dvara Money’s first product, ‘Spark’, is a mobile-based application that provides its users with easy, flexible and tailored solutions to help them realise their financial goals. It empowers users to take advantage of financial services with minimal effort so that they can be prepared today for tomorrow.

A simple way to save and invest your money

Spark is a partner for people seeking financial freedom. It understands your unique needs and aspirations and empowers you to take financial decisions with ease. It keeps you first and helps you plan for and achieve all your wishes, no matter how small or big.

We’ll do the hard work for you. Take your first step towards investing with Spark.

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