At Dvara Money we aim to be the trusted partner for

financial wellness to the urban low-income household

To accomplish our vision, we are building the experience of the future – tailoring products leveraging partnerships and delivering them in the way of life of our customers. We believe that the future of banking is simplification, personalisation and delivering a superior experience leveraging mobile and emerging technologies including artificial intelligence.

In working towards our vision, we have created one of its kind “Spark Account” which offers a diversified account spread across ‘phygital’ gold, smart savings, mutual funds, insurance, loan, and tax.

A Simple Financial Solution for the Urban Bharat

Spark is a mobile-based application that provides our users with easy, flexible and tailored solutions to help our users realise their goals. It empowers users to take financial decisions quickly with minimal effort

Spark offers a personalised journey towards
financial wellness for you


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Largest Fleet Aggregator

Largest E-Commerce Operator

Several Logistics Platforms


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