A personalized journey towards

financial wellness

for you

A Dvara Money product. Your long-term financial partner who understands your present financial situation, guides you to define & fulfil your goals

This is Spark for you

At your service, on your fingertips

Get Comfortable with finances and save for the care of today

What does Spark mean to you?

Being a financially responsible person with a strong inclination to start saving, possess no high-interest debt, have enough insurance coverage to protect loved ones, income and assets

Ensuring that one’s spending for a comfortable lifestyle doesn’t exceed one’s means

Being financially prepared for contingencies and have the financial discipline to overcome them

Having access to tools and information required to make sound timely financial decisions

Spark Plans

Bundled offerings. One account for all your financial needs.

Ease of Investment in bundled products tailored to your need and convenience

Spark Score

High Score = Better credit availability

Increase your credit line with a high spark score. Higher spark score helps improve your credibility to get better loans.

Spark Account

Gold, smart savings, mutual funds, insurance, loan, tax

A diversified, one of its kind account which is personalized for you


Simple and easy dashboard

A unified account experience for all your savings and investments need

Set Goals

Choose a goal for saving or create your own customized goal.

Simple and easy to use to help you stay motivated towards achieving your personal financial goals

How does it work?

With the Spark app, you can be more confident
about managing your money and making financial decisions

Spark empowers its users to take a step towards financial wellness through consistency and discipline. By weaving together, a customized bouquet of financial products like savings, loans, insurance, investments and tax, a Spark Account can help you chart your path towards achieving financial freedom and ensures your financial well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

Spark protects your information right from the time you sign up. Security processes including 256-bit AES encryption and access control are used to ensure your account and personal information is safe with Spark. We don’t share your information with anyone without your consent.

You need only Rs.500 to start a SPARK savings account and build a savings habit.

You can withdraw your money anytime from the SAVINGS tab at the bottom of your screen. The amount will reach your bank account in 1 working day.

Any Indian citizen above the age of 18 years can use Spark.