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Spark Money offers customers a simple, secure, and trusted digital platform tailor-made for the 400 million workers across India.

With strategically positioned Spark Dost Centres across key locations, we offer customers a physical location where they can come and experience our full bouquets of services and address any queries they may have.
Each Spark Dost is trained to understand the needs of the local region and offers customers suitable financial products in a simple, secure and transparent process.

Through an assisted banking model, each Spark Dost Centre is equipped to open a zero-balance Spark Account for customers in minutes seamlessly. Also, customers can instantly avail a lifetime free card that they can use for both online and offline transactions. The centre acts as a grassroots-driven focal point in our journey towards offering a digital community through an assisted banking platform that the urban underserved experience as their own and are treated with respect and dignity, complementing our efforts to push the frontiers of technology and product innovation.

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