Spark Financial Wellness

Completing the Holistic wellness for your employees

Financial wellness is the missing piece in providing holistic wellness to your employees. Financial wellness is simply the ability of an individual to have a healthy financial life. In short, debts are payable, and it is possible to have ample emergency and retirement funds to handle any financial crisis if employees are given the right information and guidance.

Employee wellness and engagement is critical to the success of any business. It leads to lower turnover, higher productivity and can also drive higher rates of quality & customer satisfaction.

Spark is a solution to help manage financial wellness of your employees. Apart from creating a personalized account for your employees, Spark also provides personal advice which continues to be a top priority among your employees.

Wellness Program Objectives

Understand Financial Wellness

  • Plan for the future
  • Be aware of the tools available
  • How can you create a financial strategy?

Develop Effective Financial Plan

  • Setting Financial Goals
  • Prioritize Saving
  • Easy steps towards Investing

Budget Successfully

  • Identify your income and expenses
  • Design your budget
  • Put your plan to action

Save and invest wisely

  • Save for emergencies
  • Get smart with your money
  • Understand the best investment for you

Manage credit and debt well

  • Understand credit and debt
  • Plan a monthly budget
  • Improve spending habits

Handle events and problems that impact financial wellness

  • Find an insurance that best suits you
  • Be aware of government assistance schemes
  • Find out how your investments can help you

Spark for your Employees

Wellness for your team, Innovation for you.

Help your employees with digital tools, and expert guidance.

Spark Account will supercharge your employee’s financial wellness. Life is unpredictable, so we empower your employees to learn, plan and make real behaviour changes that will set them up for financial success. Payroll is how they make a living, but financial wellness is how they’ll make a life.

How we do it


Whether it’s benefits, retirement planning, insurance, or building credit – we’ve got your back. SPARK power in your hands. Learn in a friendly, fun and engaging way.

Digital Tools

Financial wellbeing plans, budgets, and more to help your Rupee make sense. Discover opportunities for building wealth and map your path to a bright financial future.

Expert Advice

Everyone deserves access to financial guidance. Set goals, then talk to a friendly Advisor to receive one-on-one support and identify the best opportunities to meet them.

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