Dvara Money is a  Fintech for Urban undeserved that offers wealth management services and distribution of financial products by leveraging technology and deep customer insights to deliver focused and suitable solutions to the urban underserved. It offers personalised solutions based on behavioural insights and nudges to help customers improve their financial wellness. Using ‘Spark Money’, a mobile application developed in-house, the company weaves together a customised bouquet of financial products across savings, facilitating loans, insurance, investments and tax, helping chart a path towards financial wellness for customers in a user-friendly manner.

Pioneering with a unique community-driven model, Spark Money is accelerating the adoption of the Spark Account across the country by working very closely with on-ground strategic partners. It is also channelling local micro-influencers in the gig economy to better understand the local community’s unique needs and, through an assisted model, cater to all their financial needs.

Dvara Money is a portfolio company of Dvara Holdings (formerly Dvara Holdings Private Limited) and part of the Dvara Venture Studio cohort that supports entrepreneurs working towards large-scale systemic change in financial inclusion. Dvara Holdings has been pioneering initiatives, that have impacted the financial lives of millions of low-income households in India, through policy research and investing in/supporting commercial efforts where there is a significant market gap.