At Dvara Money we aim to be the trusted partner for

financial wellness to the urban low-income household

To accomplish our vision, we are building the experience of the future – tailoring products leveraging partnerships and delivering them in the way of life of our customers. We believe that the future of banking is simplification, personalisation and delivering a superior experience leveraging mobile and emerging technologies including artificial intelligence.

In working towards our vision, we have created one of its kind “Spark Account” which offers a diversified account spread across ‘phygital’ gold, smart savings, mutual funds, insurance, loan, and tax.

A Simple Financial Solution for the Urban Bharat

Spark Money is a simple, secure and trusted digital platform that leverages on cutting-edge technologies to deliver on a tailored financial offering that the Urban Bharat truly needs and absolutely deserves.

Spark Offers A Personalised Journey Towards
Financial Freedom For You


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